A Prize Worth Fighting For

Publisher: twinger Volume No. 3 Issue No 11 Date July 30, 2004

Today is my 21st Anniversary.

When I met Davin I was a sophomore in college. From our first meeting, I could tell there was something special about him. On our first date I was pretty sure that he was “the one”. My Dad was less than pleased with my choice. Knowing what I know now, I can understand his caution. Our differences were cultural, economic, and theological. The latter of which was the source of my father’s greatest anxiety. I was, and still am, loathe to disappoint my father. Doing so sometimes hurts more than a physical beating. My dad and I had many discussions about Davin, and in most of them dad tried to discourage me from further commitment. When it came to our impending engagement, my mom had to be the one to break the news. My dad could not reconcile the theological differences between us, and told me I should give it serious consideration before marrying Davin.

I have always valued my Christianity. I may not have been the best at living this out, but my relationship with The Lord is important to me. I put faith in my belief that, if I sought to do God’s will, He would lead me to a suitable mate. I therefore reasoned that God would not allow me to fall in love with Davin if it wasn’t possible for us to marry.

Our years together have been a filled with challenges, disappointments, and blessings too numerous to mention. My dad was right about our differences. Working through all of them was, and is, hard work. Some things (I think my dad would agree with me here), like Davin, are worth fighting for.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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