Jesus Loves You

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 3 Issue No 16 Jul. 27, 04

”Close your eyes, be still, and quiet yourself. That can be one of the hardest things there is to do.” Mike tells the teens in the Nitro barn. He then adds, “ What is Jesus trying to tell you?”

This is how the evening was coming to a close at the youth Bible study I try and help with on Monday nights. I don’t know how many times I have asked that question of Jesus. Sometimes I want him to give me some booming answer from a voice out of the heavens. Alas, I must settle for that still small voice that rests inside of me.

A Dream

One time I had a dream. It was a very vivid dream and still seems quite real to me. In this dream, I was in the presence of God. It was quite frightening, and I was laying flat on my stomach with my arms spread wide. I was as low to the ground as I could get and afraid to lift my head and look up. I remember thinking to myself that this must have been what the prophet Isaiah felt like when he was in the presence of God (Isaiah Chap 6.) It felt like something was being poured into the back of my head, and I thought, “Hey! Maybe God is going to tell me something that He hasn’t told anyone else.” Then the words came into my mind, “You already know what to say Davin.”

That’s right I already knew what God wanted me to tell others. It is the same words that I hear in my heart when I look to Jesus for answers, or when I make that age old request, “Speak to me God.”

“Jesus loves you,” are the words God has written on my heart, and I even hear them at times when I quiet myself as I listen for that still small voice. His love is very evident when I look around and see the wonders of creation, such as birds singing in praise and corn reaching to the sky proclaiming His Glory. I can even feel his love through my family and friends, and sometimes it can give me goose bumps and make me tingle. His love is even more real as I sing and pray and commune with Him during the Holy Mass.

And in case you’re wondering Jesus loves you too, and if you need proof look around.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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