Working Girl

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  3      Issue No 12       Date Jun. 1, 04

famer-on-tractor.jpgWell the summer is here and it is time for the kids to go out and help me on the farm. I started my list today and have got lots of good chores lined up. Today, Leigh Anne went with me to help me move a tractor. All I can say is, “I’m still a learning.”


We had lunch together earlier in the day. I could hardly keep from laughing at her as she went on and on about the songs she had been singing at Vacation Bible School. The thing she was most proud of was the awesome hand motions that she had made up. She was very proud that the high school girls thought they were cool. You see Leigh Anne is not officially a teenager yet, but she might as well be.


I have noticed one thing different from teenage boys and girls. I usually have to milk or coerce the boys for information, and the girl seem to give me more than I want.  They are very much alike in some ways, when I get out of the pickup to do some work both the boys and girl sit in there until I tell them to get out and help. I do think that I am hollering less than I used to. So maybe Leigh Anne is getting the benefit of that. Even if I don’t holler and get mad she still gets put out with me when I am correcting her.


I tried to get a few things straight, so I could have a trouble free summer, like not messing up my seat when she is driving my pickup. (I doubt that will last long.)


At the end of the day, I got on one tractor and Leigh Anne got on the other. We were just finishing up a small field. Leigh Anne finished before I did and I saw her walk to the pickup and get something and walk back to the tractor. I was so far away I couldn’t tell what was going on. When I got a little closer, I could tell she had gotten the glass cleaner and was cleaning the windows. There is no way a teenage boy would have done (or there Dad for that matter.)


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