Sacramental Signs

Publisher: dwinger         Volume No. 7          Issue   No. 2    Date Mar. 8, 08

One day plowing in the field, I looked up and there was a perfect rainbow. It felt like it was there just for me. Years later I went on a Walk to Emmaus. The theme there was “De Colores” or the colors and there were rainbows everywhere. I knew I was in the right place, and God blessed me with an abundance of Grace. 

About three and a half years later (2001), I had just been presented to the bishop as a candidate to join the Catholic Church. I was still confused and wondering what I had gotten myself into. As we were driving to the restaurant one of my says, “Look Dad a rainbow.”

 In the fall of 2007, I found myself getting off the tractor and flying halfway across Texas to interview for a youth minister job. As I drove to the airport, I thought, “I wonder if I will see a rainbow?” As the plane took off my eyes were closed in prayer. When I opened my eyes and looked out the window, there it was…a double rainbow.

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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4 Responses to Sacramental Signs

  1. Dwinger,

    Great picture! I couldn’t pass this site without commenting. Lovely. I’m a convert to the Catholic Church myself, in fact, my whole family–wife, son, daughter–was baptised together 10 years ago. Now, of course, we have 3 cradle Catholics… Such a blessing for us, and from the sounds of it, your family too.

    God bless.


  2. A post script from James.

    Your welcome to drop by my site and yak if you like. By the way, where in Texas is Gruver? I’ve driven through Texas many times and enjoyed it every time. If I wasn’t committed here in Southern Oregon (family) I would be seriously considering Texas…

  3. unfinished says:

    Dwinger, I also am a Catholic convert and just came across your blog using WordPress’ tag surfer. Very nice reflection.

  4. indyretreats says:

    de colores!!! god is good

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