Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  3      Issue No 10      Date May. 4, 04

Do you remember not to long ago when everyone was wearing stuff that said WWJD on it? I read the book that inspired this “ What Would Jesus Do” movement. The name of it was “In His Steps”. The premise was that a group from a church took the challenge of their preacher and asked themselves, “What would Jesus do?” when they had any kind of decision to make. It was a very interesting story of how a whole town became transformed over the course of time. All because people were trying to act like Jesus, and make choices like they thought Jesus would.


I have tried to do this in my life. I can’t tell you a definite time that I became conscious of trying to live WWJD, but it surely is not easy. Like the times I have to apologize to my Mom or Dad or children and of course Teague.


Later, I came across a book that talked about giving your whole life to God. It talked about letting him control every aspect of your life. I thought to myself, “Yeah that is what I am trying to do.” Then it starts to talk about how we should even let God be in control of our families, our bodies, and our own fertility.  I became convinced that birth control is wrong and taking God out of our lives and making myself god in his place by deciding what is best for myself.


What was I going to do? I was in a predicament. You see I had already sterilized myself. That is my regret. I wish that I had been more open to God and His will for my life. Who knows? Maybe things wouldn’t be different, but I will never know.


Birth control seems to be one of the biggest lies Satan has thrown our way. Have you ever noticed how happy and blessed big families are? All throughout the Bible children are a blessing from God. He can open and close the womb, and He can always provide. I hear people say they can’t afford a bunch of kids. We are richer than any people that have ever lived. I wonder if we are all buying into the lies that the world is feeding us that children are too expensive and we don’t have room enough for them all. Are they really that much of an inconvenience? Sounds like selfishness to me.


I am sorry for my sin, and I am living with the consequences. It looks like to me our society will be sorry some day, and we will be living with the consequences also. For eventually we will extinct our own self.   


God is a God of life.

About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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