Noni & Papoo’s Bed and Breakfast

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 3 Issue No 7 Date Mar. 23, 04

Leigh Anne and I recently took a trip. We went to Dallas to take in the Women’s and Men’s Big 12 Basketball Tournament. We had a great time and got to really enjoy one another. We even treated ourselves to desert on a couple of occasions. There is something fun about sitting in a restaurant eating cheesecake with your little girl (who all of a sudden is not so little anymore.)


While we were is Dallas we had the pleasure of staying with Teague’s parents. We were so busy going to basketball games that all we really did at Noni and Papoo’s was sleep and eat breakfast. When someone asked where we were staying, I decided to name our temporary digs Noni and Papoo’s Bed and Breakfast. I always have enjoyed the mornings at my in-laws. Papoo and I are usually some of the first up and one of us makes the coffee and gets the paper. It is really fun sitting around the table and drinking coffee, reading the paper, and discussing the events of the day. Papoo likes to do the crossword puzzle (so does Teague and her siblings.) I like to read the sports, funnies, and check on the markets (just like my Dad.)


We stayed for a total of five nights and watched a total of thirteen basketball games in four days. Leigh Anne and I had a blast, but Papoo couldn’t understand how we could sit through so much basketball. He said we should have a bad case of “fanny fatigue”, and I guess we probably did.


Mass at St. Rita’s was Holy. God is everywhere.


Leigh Anne and I also had the pleasure of having lunch with Tracy and Laura Wilson. They are two old friends of Teague and I. It was fun visiting and catching up with each other. Laura even brought some old pictures of Teague to show Leigh Anne. Tracy and Laura have been our friends since high school and college days. We haven’t always kept in real close touch, but ever since I have been writing Mary Mail they have both become a source of great encouragement for Teague and I


Did you know that Teague’s full name is Mary Teague? I believe she is named after Jesus’ mother Mary, and Teague is a family name. I think Mary really suits her even though she doesn’t use it, because she is such a good mother. Whenever you get an email from me with the heading Mary Teague Mail, you will know that Teague is musing instead of me. (Of course I just try to be “a”musing.)

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One Response to Noni & Papoo’s Bed and Breakfast

  1. travelnooks says:

    You’re right. A stay over with the in-laws (or back home with the parents) feels like checking in to a bed and breakfast. Whenever I get the chance to go home, it’s like being a kid again — I stay up late watching tv, wake up at noon, then my mom will wake me up to inform me that one of my old friends is asking if “I could come out and play.”

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