A Merry TubaChristmas

Publisher: dwinger         Volume No. 6           Issue   No.28    Date Dec. 30, 07


Christmas has come and gone. Has it really? Is the spirit of Christmas still in your heart? This year I sat amazed at what Christmas does. 

We celebrated the Holy Day with Teague’s family in Dallas. On Christmas Eve we went to Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas to watch my nephew Toby play in a TubaChristmas concert. There were over 100 tuba players there playing Christmas carols and hundreds of onlookers there to share the event with one another. All were invited to sing along with the well known carols. Here I was in the midst of total strangers singing praises to Immanuel, and God surely was with us.  

The birth of Christ our Savior and its celebration are still being passed down from generation to generation along with songs of joy and thanksgiving. The story of Christ can certainly be heard through the power of song and the tuba is an amazing complement.  

The Holy Day continues to bring people and family together. As I sat in church I watched family after family walk in and pray. The celebration of God with us had brought them here. I was blessed that I had a family to sit with.  

God continues to bring His people together. Many times we might forget that He is the reason for the season, but we cannot escape Him. He is constantly reaching out for us and calling us to come to Him.   

May I here His call amidst the noise of the world and let His Peace fill my heart.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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