Baby Hogger

Publisher: twinger      Volume No.  3       Issue No 4         Date April 8, 2004

 My godson, Lucas Davis, is the most precious baby. My heart yearns for his embrace. I am giddy with happiness when he comes to me and is content in my presence. He is named after another young man, Lucas Johnson, that I have had the opportunity to love. Although he is an adult now, I remember fondly the times I courted his attention so that I could gather him up and rock him with his teddy bear until he fell asleep. 

When my own children were little, they were all mommas’ babies. Davin would bring them to me in the morning and we would lie in bed together until it was time to get up.  Leigh Anne still likes to get “lovins” and I am happy to oblige her.  

Davin used to say that I was like the momma cow that coddled her babies until she was pregnant with the next one. At that time she would “kick” the little one off to make way for the newborn. The calves would bawl for a time until they made their way without momma. My own children call me the baby hogger, and they tease me when I try to snatch baby Lucas from his family. It seems to me that they are just like those baby calves. When they tease me, I realize that growing up is hard for all of us. I hope they know that even though they are no longer babies, I will always long for and cherish their love and affection.  

I imagine the desires of Our Lord are similar to mine. He longs for our love and attention, and his heart swells with joy when we seek his embrace.     


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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  1. I saw your blog listed on St. Blog’s Parish Directory and I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very blessed Christmas and upcoming Feast of the Epiphany. Today is the 4th Day of Christmas!

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