My Stingy Heart

Publisher: twinger      Volume No.  3       Issue No 2         Date March 8, 2004  

My church, Sacred Heart of Jesus, had an adult retreat this past weekend. Many of our members were asked to serve by preparing meals, giving talks, and facilitating the weekend. Fr. Morales asked a friend and me to make Rosaries as a gift for those in attendance.  

The Rosary is a combination of vocal and contemplative prayer, both simple and profound, that focuses on the important events in the life of Christ. The word rosary is a Latin word that means rose (the flower), which in medieval times represented eternal life. The origins of the Rosary are found in the early Christian practice of reciting the 150 Psalms of the bible as a way of prayer. Those that could not remember the Psalms began to recite the Our Father 150 times, often using beads to count the prayers. The physical set of beads serves as a guide for meditation on the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. Essentially one can hold the Gospel, the sum of our faith, in your hand.  

Oh the way home from the retreat, I told my friend that it upset me that people asked for extra T-Shirts and Rosaries for their family members. I felt that if their husband, brother, or whoever wanted such gifts, then they should register (registration was $25.00 and covered the various expenses for the retreat) and attend the retreat to get them. I mean the T-shirts weren’t free you know, and she and I had spent our own time and money making those Rosaries. About the time this remark spewed from my mouth, I was reminded of our church’s first youth retreat. A group of nuns came and brought with them many beautiful, hand-tied Rosaries which were given to all the participants. Davin teaches the high school youth and was present for this retreat. I stayed home with Leigh Anne. Davin asked for and received Rosaries for Leigh Anne and I which he gave us when he got home. My pink Rosary was so unique that I longed to learn how to make one. Lo and behold, the man that prints our T-Shirts for the retreats knew how and agreed to teach me. I have been making those Rosaries now for several years and everyone loves them. I believe the Lord used that moment to remind me that the gift of my pink Rosary has come full circle. My prayer today is “Lord, soften my stingy heart.”

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