Our Lady of Guadalupe

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 47       Date Dec. 2, 03


our-lady-of-guadalupe.jpgHave you ever heard that Catholics worship Mary? I know I used to think such things. Why did they have these statues of Mary in the Church, and just who is this person referred to as Our Lady of Guadalupe?


Over 450 years ago in the year 1531, a woman appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego while he was crossing a hill to attend Mass. This woman told him that she was Mary the Mother of God. She asked to have a church built on this hill in her honor. Juan rushed tell the Bishop of Mexico. The Bishop didn’t believe Juan Diego and said that he needed a sign to convince him of this story.


A few days later the woman appeared to Juan Diego again, and he told her that the Bishop wanted a sign of proof.  The woman told Juan to go to the top of the hill and pick the roses that would be there, and take them to the Bishop. It was in the middle of December and roses didn’t grow at that time. When Juan went to the hill and found the roses, he picked them and placed them in his cloak to carry. He then went to the Bishop to show him these magnificent roses, which weren’t even indigenous to the region. When Juan Diego opened his cloak or tilma to show the Bishop the roses fell out, but even more remarkable was the image of a woman that was on the cloak exactly as she had appeared to Juan Diego on the hill.


This image is with us still today on a cloak that is over 450 years old and should juandiego.jpghave rotted years ago. The Bishop went on to build a church on the hill, and dedicated it to Our Lady of Guadalupe in honor of the woman who appeared to Juan Diego.


I choose to believe this amazing story because of the things I have read and seen. There are many faithful Christians who don’t believe stories such as these, and they have a right to do so. Our belief in Jesus is what unites us.


What seems most amazing to me is after the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Many of the Mexican Aztec people who worshiped many gods, and even sacrificed their children to the gods, converted to Christianity. In a few short years there are reports of over 6 million people being baptized and following Jesus.


Now that’s what I call revival!


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    Thanks and God Bless

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