Snortin Hortin

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 45       Date Nov. 18, 03 

lawband.jpgSnnnnnoooorrrtttt! What is that, and where did it come from? That was a snort like you have never heard, and it came from such a little girl. When Leigh Anne was about 4 years old, she started to get allergies. When her nose was stopped up or running she would snort so loud it was hard to believe. It always seemed like one of these big deep snorts came right during the most quiet and reverent time during church, and almost always during a prayer. It was all a guy could do not to just bust out and laugh. There was this cute little girl with a bow in her hair. No one would think such a sound could even originate there.


My little girl is not a girl anymore. She is becoming a woman, and sometimes this dad isn’t very comfortable with that thought. We went to the show this weekend, and had a great time. Occasionally we have a “date night” and just the two of us go to the show or out to eat. They are fun times. The things we do are nothing special, and the conversations are usual Jr. High girl stuff, but the time together is invaluable.


It wasn’t to long ago when we were together Leigh Anne had to talk constantly. She could not let a minute pass in silence. On this last excursion, many minutes passed in silence as we drove home. I kind of think we were just enjoying each other.


I hope I can pass on my love for Leigh Anne to her. I don’t want her to think that she has to perform or entertain for me to love her. I want her to know that I love her no matter what, and with God’s help I can.


She’s growing up and, I am enjoying seeing her blossom right before my eyes. I doubt if I will ever hear her snort again, but that cute little girl is fun to remember.

About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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