St. Mary’s Austin

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 6 Issue No.24 Date Nov 1, 07

st-marys-austin.jpg The streets were quiet and empty this morning as I made my way to St. Mary’s at 6:15 AM this morning. It was quite a contrast from last nights ghosts and goblins roaming the streets.

I am here in Austin for and Economics Conference. Last night as we drove to our hotel there seemed to be a mad rush of revelers set out to enjoy an evening of Halloween ‘fun’. Everyone seemed to be in “party mode.”

As I walked into church, the atmosphere was different. There was a sense of worship in this place. We were all dressed in our “normal” costumes of the day. (You know the masks we wear daily.) It seems everyone here knows that God can see through that mask, and we are gathered all together to ask for His Mercy before the sun rises.

We are St. Mary’s Cathedral to celebrate All Saints day, but the priest surprises me by saying that we are saints. I don’t feel like one, but as I look around it seems to me that everyone else sure could be.

I think one of the reasons we are all celebrating with Jesus is because we have realized that he loves us.

Just like He loves all the revelers on 6th Street the night before.

May He have mercy on us all…

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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