All Souls Day

As I read from the richness of the Church Fathers a couple of things stand out: the love that they have for the Eucharist, Christ, and their fellow man. Do I have this love? Do I have this devotion? 

Urban IV compares the eating of the tree by Adam which brought death into the world and the eating of the flesh of Christ which gives life. This point is also made by St. Bonaventure. I have often thought how I am like Adam. I have the Bread of Life right before me and too often I choose knowledge. 

Just this morning I had the opportunity to attend Mass (The hotel I am staying at is just few blocks from the cathedral.), as I was showering and getting ready I kept telling myself I don’t have time to go to Mass I have to much studying to do. I went to the lobby, and I read the Morning Prayer. I felt like Jesus was calling me. So I walked the few blocks and went to Mass. I read St. Bonaventure’s Homily 10 Bread as I sat in the pew. The people of rich and poor were all represented around me. Jesus had called us all to His supper.


juan-diego.gifAfter Mass I gathered my stuff and walked to the door. I stepped out on the front steps. There was a small group of men gathered. I spotted a Hispanic man hunched over with his head down. As I walked by, he looked up at me and extended his hand. I shook it and told him good morning. I was startled, and as I walked on I stopped and felt the wonder of God. I thought to myself, “That was Jesus.”


My body shivered and my eyes welled up. I felt His love. I turned around to see if he was still there.


He was gone… but He is still with me.

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