Pig Chasin’

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2     Issue No 41       Date Oct. 23, 03


“I think we can just drive it over to the trailer and he will jump in.”


smilingpig.jpgI was a freshman in high school, and I was explaining to my Dad how I thought we could load my show pig in the trailer. It was my first pig, and after keeping him on feed for the winter, it was time to take him to the county barn to get ready for the big show.


What I know now but didn’t know then is that pigs just don’t go where you want. They want to go where they want. After about thirty minutes or so of chasing this 200 lb plus pig around, Dad and I finally tackled him and picked him up, while he is squirming and squealing with all his might, and carried him to the trailer.


Dad and I learned much from that pig. Later we figured how to back the trailer up to a loadout place so that we could load and unload pigs with much more ease.


Reid has bought a show pig this fall, and I went with him to get it and haul it home. He got in the pen and chased this little pig around trying to grab it and pick it up so we could load it in the trailer. I could tell after watching for a minute that he was going to need my help. So… reluctantly I got in the pen with him and help catch this elusive piglet. We got him caught and Reid picked him up and carried him to the trailer. The pig was squealing louder than I ever remember pigs squealing when I was a kid.


While I am in the pen trying to help Reid, I remember the pig chasin’ my Dad and I did almost thirty years ago. Dad and I still remember loading that pig and chuckle at our ignorance.


After getting in the pen and helping Reid, I wonder if I learned anything.



About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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