Hey Cuz!

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 37       Date Sep. 16, 03














“Hey cuz!” is how they usually greet me.


Guy Paul and Scott are two retarded brothers who live here in Gruver. They also happen to be my cousins. They are both in their 40’s and live together in a small house here in town. You won’t meet two guys that are any happier than Guy Paul or Scott. They don’t have the same cares and concerns that I have, but I am sure that they have their share of problems. Guy Paul stops by the house occasionally to visit with me. At times he has an ulterior motive of trying to get a ride to the local eatery, but usually he just wants to stop in and visit. I find myself being impatient at times and thinking I don’t have time for Guy Paul, but when I do sit and listen and ask him how things are going I have fun, and I think Guy Paul does too.


I see Scott downtown at the different places of business. He is making the rounds visiting with the many friends he has in town. Scott is a good tractor driver and a few farmers in the area have him drive tractor for them when they are busy. I think Scott likes feeling useful, but don’t we all. Scott has an eye for beautiful women too, and his compliment of them usually goes just like this, “She’s beautiful.”


Scott and Guy Paul have helped with the Gruver football and basketball teams for as long as I can remember. Whoever the coach was that encouraged the boys to help did a great thing in my mind. Scott and Guy Paul love the kids, coaches, officials and everyone involved in the school. Coaches from other schools and referees from all over the Panhandle know Guy Paul and Scott.

Just recently a sports writer named Guy Paul and Scott the best football managers in the Texas Panhandle. As I read the article, I got a lump in my throat and became filled with a sense of joy and love. I was glad that this man had been touched by my two cousins and had mentioned them in the paper. When I told Scott about the article, and showed it to him, he told me, “I’m famous.”


I think Scott is right. He and Guy Paul are famous. The town of Gruver loves and cares for them both. It is amazing to see how the whole town looks after their welfare. They are an important part of our community because they are easy to love, and we all can love them. I wonder why people are so attracted to Scott and Guy Paul? 


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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