Breakfast Burritos

breakfast-burritos.jpgPublisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 34       Date Aug. 19, 03

breakfast-burritos.jpg“This year I get to eat as many as I want!” blurts out Reid. We were having our yearly discussion about making breakfast burritos for the teachers for the first day of school. You can see where Reid’s concerns lie. For the past few years the kids have been dead set against getting up early and making the morning fare.

How it started.

I asked Ryan what he wanted for breakfast for his first day of school the day before he was about to start kindergarten. He told me that breakfast burritos were his desire. That was fine and dandy with me, and the next morning I made a batch. We had a couple left over, and I sent them with him to give to his teacher. It wasn’t long until a few other teachers said they sure would like a breakfast burrito. So I got the brilliant idea of making them for the elementary building. The kids and I had fun doing it.


Well… as the kids started moving into the Jr. High and High Schools. We bought a few more tortillas and eggs and made a few more burritos. I also noticed that as they got older it wasn’t as much fun to them, and they sure weren’t about to take them to school. So, I started delivering them. (I always enjoy seeing the energy everyone has on the first day of school.)


We have quite the assembly line now days, and we rolled out over 100 burritos in about an hour. After we finished I noticed something about the kids. They were happy, almost giddy, and it wasn’t even 7:00 am yet. Don’t tell them, but I suspect that they liked doing something for someone else as a family. Next year will be Ryan’s last school year here in Big “G”. I wonder if it will be the last time he makes a breakfast burrito for a teacher?


O yea, in case you’re interested, Reid got all the burritos he wanted. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why he was so happy.


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