Proud and Stiff-Necked

crossing red seaPublisher: dwinger Volume No. 2 Issue No 31 Date Jul. 23, 03

crossing red sea



What a party! The former slaves from Egypt had just walked across a dry seabed with walls of water on each side. After safely crossing, they watched on as their dreaded enemy and taskmaster, the Pharaoh of Egypt, was drowned with his army as the water came crashing back in on him. The Israelites had been delivered! They were no longer slaves! They were free! They sang and danced with joy to their God who had brought them out of their bondage.



The next thing you know they are griping about not having anything to eat. They are even saying it would be better to be back in Egypt as a slave and full than free and hungry.



Can you believe it? Didn’t they think God would still take care of them? How could they have just been a part of that deliverance and not believe that God would provide for them. Instead of asking God to provide food and water they griped to their leader Moses. Do you suppose we are as proud and stiff necked today? Even when we know all the things God has done for us?




I know I can be very proud and very stiff-necked. Just ask my father in-law. He knows how stubborn I can be. Just recently we have been having a discussion, debate, or argument (choose your word) about whether a child has a right to privacy or not. I don’t think either of us would give in on our beliefs, and maybe our pride kept us from looking clearly to the other point of view. Did I just want to win?




I suppose God gets exasperated with Papoo and I when we are proud and stiff-necked just as He did with His chosen people. The good news is He loves us with the same kind of love that He did with those crazy people he delivered out of Egypt who couldn’t see a miracle if it happened right under their nose.


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