A Flat Tire on a Lonely Road

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6  Issue No.23   Sep. 30, 07

Thank you for your prayers for Leigh Anne. She seems to be resting comfortably at the present time. 

flat-tire.jpgYesterday,I went to Amarillo for an exam review . As I was driving back, I had a flat. I can’t remember the last time I changed a tire on a car.

Used to when I did such a thing I was in my pickup equipped with an air compressor and all of the tools that I need. After about thirty minutes of lying in stickers, scraping my knuckles, and struggling with the right place to put the jack (I eventually read the owners manual), I was finished and beginning to load back up (while still picking a few grass burrs out of my shirt.)

milky-way.jpgI looked up in the sky and could see the Milky Way and the stars were beautifully bright. I would guess that about 30 cars drove by, but I never really felt alone. 

This morning I feel thankful that I was able to change that tire, and that I driving instead of Teague or Leigh Anne. 

I had the opportunity to see the stars and realize once again how small I am in this enormous creation. 

But I really never felt like I was alone…


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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One Response to A Flat Tire on a Lonely Road

  1. Ryan says:

    By the looks of that tire you are lucky that all 4 didn’t blow out on you!!!!!

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