Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 6 Issue No.21 Date Sep. 13, 07

Last weekend I missed an opportunity to be drawn closer to Jesus.

Leigh Anne competed in a Cross Country meet on Saturday morning, and I didn’t go and watch. She suffered from an asthma attack. I got a call and heard about it around noon. I was immediately upset with myself for not being there. I felt terrible. Instead of taking the opportunity of turning my suffering over to Jesus and uniting with Him in my suffering, I suffered alone. Well…almost. As I was feeling sorry for myself for failing as a father, I became angry with Teague. I found myself wanting to blame her. I wanted to make her my scapegoat for not going to the meet. I was wallowing in my own guilt, and I wanted someone to come down into the pit with me.

The magnitude of Jesus’ love is seen in the suffering of His Passion. I pray that in my suffering that I may unite myself with the love of Jesus and be drawn into His love.

Maybe I can grow a little.

Walking in the Maize

Ryan just got a job working for a farmer that has a corn maize in his field. Groups go out and have a good time on the farm. Ryan is excited about this new job, and that makes his mom and dad excited to.

Here is the website to the Corn Maize. corn maize

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