Surrounded By Angels

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 2 Issue No 26 Date Jun. 19, 03

“I am going to Church for you for Father’s Day,” Ryan said in his “I’m put out with you Dad voice.” He and Reid were pouting because we were going to Mass while we were in Oklahoma City. We had been there all weekend watching the boys play basketball. They were playing tournament games in a summer tournament along with some other boys from Gruver.

The team had a devotional earlier that morning, and I am sure the boys felt like that was enough religion. I still felt that we should celebrate the Mass and assemble with the saints. I like going to church when I am out of town. I love seeing different churches and seeing how other people in different areas worship the God of the universe.

I had found an address and a time of a Church in the area. We found the address and a building, but alas there were no people, and after all the people are the church. So, I quickly went to plan “B” and found the next closest church at the same time. (We had a time constraint because the boys played another game right after lunch.)

As we pulled up to St. Patrick’s church, it seemed regular enough to me, but as I walked in the entry way I noticed I was still outdoors. There were these large concrete walls surrounding another smaller building. We walked through the front doors and came into a foyer. There were then doors that open into the main sanctuary. It was there that I became awestruck. The walls of the sanctuary were glass. The concrete walls we had first walked through surrounded this glass sanctuary. These walls were tall, maybe fifty feet or so, and engraved all the way around were angels. Now, these weren’t the baby or female angels you sometimes see in pictures. They were huge strong looking angels. Many times when angels in the Bible visit people the first words of the angel are “Be not afraid.” That is the kind of angels that surrounded this body of people. It was very cool, and I felt like angels surrounded us.

As we walked to the car Ryan says to me, “I would love to go to a midnight Mass there.” It was a good Father’s Day.


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