Psalm 46

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.21  Date Sep. 3, 07 

In September of 1999, we went to Red River for Labor Day. We had a great time and this morning I was thinking about how special the weekend was for me. One thing I remember is that I was reading a Psalm a day and journaling on it. That Sunday the Psalm I read was Psalm 46. We went to a community worship that morning and the preacher preached on Psalm 46. I thought it was cool.


Here are the reflections I wrote September 5, 1999:

Even though I do fight against you Father, You still protect me with all your angels. Even though I turn from You, You are always there for me.

How glorious You are mighty One!

Your beauty and splendor can be seen when an older man named Ernest helps Reid catch fish. Your beauty can be heard in the children’s excitement of catching a bunch of fish. Your poetry can be seen watching Taos fly fish. Your symphony can be heard when he catches one and it jumps and splashes to get away. You awesomeness is with us all day in these majestic mountains, but it is no more awesome than the plains you have given us to live in. May we give you glory wherever we are.

Thank you Jesus!


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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