My little waitress girl

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.20   Date Sep. 1, 07   

 Leigh Anne started a new job this summer. She has been waiting on tables at the El Vaquero restaurant in Gruver. She is definitely in the right place. Leigh Anne has a social side to her and working in the El Vaquero fits that side. It is one of the social gathering places in Gruver. There is a community table in the front were all of the regulars sit and eat lunch and enjoy each others company. Leigh Anne would come home every night and tell us of all the people that would come in. I could tell that she enjoyed them, and it sounded like they were enjoying her too. 

When Leigh Anne was about five years old, I bought her an apron that had her name on it. It had pockets on it, and she put a pencil and paper in the pockets. She would wear it and take orders from Ryan and Reid and wait on them. Ryan didn’t mess with it much, but Reid usually let Leigh Anne wait on him as much as she wanted. I guess she wanted to be a waitress ever since she was little.


Teague and I have both received compliments on Leigh Anne and the job that she does. It’s fun to get those, and we are proud of her. The other day a fellow worker told Leigh Anne that she didn’t think that she had just 2 sets of grandparents, but rather 15-20 sets of grandparents because of the all the regulars that came in. I’m glad Leigh Anne has lots of friends in every age range.


She is a busy girl with big dreams. Leigh Anne likes to drum, play basketball, shop, talk, and work. She wants to be a doctor and win state in debate. She used to talk about flying jets and being president. Sometimes I can’t believe all that she does. I am sure that I am prejudiced, but I think she has quite a number of gifts.


It makes me think… What is she going to do with all of them?



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