Porch Time

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 23       Date May. 28, 03


Well, it’s me again. Summer has officially started, and we have had the end of school and the beginning of summer. It is nice to be starting something when other things are coming to a close. Our house will run much more relaxed than usual. There will be days when we get to sleep in, and more than often we will be busy with the comings and goings of our lives. Leigh Anne is playing softball and the boys are playing basketball along with lifting weights for football in the fall (another beginning.) Oh yea! I got to get some work out of them sometime too.


When we turned off our TV a few years ago, one of the things we started doing was going out and sitting on the porch. When the weather is nice it is a fun thing to do. We get to say hi to all the walkers and bicyclers as they exercise by our house and occasionally someone will stop and visit a while. Last night, Teague said she was going out to the porch to eat supper. I got my plate and headed out too. Right behind me is Leigh Anne saying, “It’s not any fun eating alone.” I have to agree with her.


Our neighborhood is full of kids, and they like to come and ride and roller blade on our driveway. When we are sitting on the porch, Teague and I get to know them. They are a lot of fun.


Teague, Bernie, and our neighbor Darlene used to sit and visit on the porch on Tuesday nights. They called it porch night, and when the weather was good they might stay out there until the bugs drove them off.


When people get together and share each other’s joys, sorrows, problems, pains, and solutions it is good. I have noticed most of the time we end up talking about our kids and how to deal with them. Friends are good helpers in those areas.


I don’t know how many world problems we have solved on the porch, but the world is a better place for me because of our “porch time.”


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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