Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.19   Date Aug. 23, 07


Isn’t it a four letter word? I know the game has caused me to want to spout a few at times. When I started playing golf, it was something my friends were doing. I thought I should learn the game at least a little bit, so I could “golf with the boys” when Teague was at bank functions, and I was tagging along. I am a horrible player, but I enjoy the exercise, challenge, and the fellowship the game brings.


It turns out all three kids like to play golf and this summer I have had the privilege of golfing with each of them. (I think they enjoy beating their old man.)


Leigh Anne and I played a couple of rounds over the summer. Reid, Leigh Anne, and I played while on vacation in Santa Fe, and Ryan and I hit a few balls yesterday. It’s good to be with my kids for a couple of hours even if they get to see me embarrass myself when I completely miss the ball on my swing. (Do Dads have to count those strokes?)


I hope I get to play some more golf with the kids, and I don’t even care if I get any better.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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