Birds, Flowers, and Such

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 21       Date May. 21, 03


Three more days and school will be out for the summer. I will be spending days finding jobs to keep the kids busy. Teague and I won’t be looking for just busy work, but for something productive to do. I am sure the kids won’t be looking forward to the work, but there is nothing sadder than a bored child with nothing to do but watch TV.


Teague’s flowers look especially good this year. Flowers have only become a part of my life a few years ago. I never really thought much about them. With Teague’s help I have been able to…shall we say, “Stop and smell the roses.” As a look in our flowerbeds, I see many different kind of plants, and some look like weeds to me. It is a good thing that I am not the weeder because many of these turn into a beautiful flower later in life.


Teague has caused me to be a spectator of the birds around the neighborhood too. I had once thought that the only thing birds were for was to hunt. We have all sorts of different birds, and Teague knows many of them. I can hardly even see it when she tries to point a blue jay out to me in the yard across the street. When I am on the tractor, I can see a hawk as he swoops down and get a rabbit or a mouse for a snack.


The world is a bigger place when I try to see things through Teague’s eyes.


Graduations will be happening all over the country, and the graduates will be setting out on different paths in their own lives. Some will surely ask, “Why am I here?” That is a question I have asked myself repeatedly. I have occasionally thought I had the answer to only come back and ask the question again. I went to see “The Matrix: Reloaded” over the weekend. It is a science fiction story. It is very complicated with many twists and turns and a lot of action, but what I like about it most is that it makes me think….


Kind of like birds, flowers, and such.



About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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