Austin Retrouvaille

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.18   Date Aug. 15, 07 

 We gathered at a business, conference type hotel in the heat of the Austin summer. There were more than twenty couples and a priest. They all came for different reasons, but just maybe everyone was or has been stuck in their marriage, and was trying to get out of the ditch.  

God had brought us all to this place.


Friday night as I looked across the room, I could see and feel the emotions of pain, anger, disgust, and frustration in the couples faces and bodies. There is a very edgy and testiness to the night.


Saturday morning we start with mass and have breakfast. We are all tired and a bit craggy. We begin our work: presentations, writing, and talking to one another. As the day goes by the chairs start to get a little harder, but it seems communication is starting to happen. By Saturday evening some of the couples are smiling, talking, and sitting close. It seems to me the Holy Spirit is working.


Oh yea! The hotel is full of soccer kids and many are in the pool and running back and forth all over the place. We have to walk through the wet floor their dripping bodies have produced, but they are cute and having fun. I wonder, “Can God work with these distractions?’


By Sunday there seems to be more smiles and a peacefulness in the air. (Could that be the peace that surpasses understanding?)  Many of the couples thanked us for our time and mentioned things like leaving the weekend with hope for their marriage.


God has been in this place.


I pray for these and all marriages because sometimes we get stuck.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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