Band Trip

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 18       Date Apr. 30, 03


This past weekend Teague and I had the opportunity to ride on one of those yellow dog school busses to San Antonio with the Hound Sound Band of Gruver High School. There were a little over 50 high school kids ranging from grades 8 to 12. Boy, do they have the energy…. Whew! After about 12 hours on the road, I am ready to rest. The kids, on the other hand, get on their swimsuits and swim. Some of them never stop.


A couple of years ago when Teague and I were asked to help be sponsors on our first band trip, we decided that we would use this opportunity to witness our love of Jesus to the kids. One of the things we both tried to do was sit with the kids on the bus and visit with them and be their friends. Of course we still had to tell them to mind their manners on occasion.


I don’t get much sleep on these, trips and I find that the more tired I am the grumpier I am, and my tolerance is close to zero. To actually love these kids under these sometimes-hard circumstances takes a supernatural kind of love. Teague is great with the kids, and finds it easy to be Momma to them all. If I had my druthers, I would rather hang around other adults.


The band director asked me to share a devotional last Sunday morning before we were to hit the 14+ hour drive back to Big “G”. As I was speaking to the kids, it hit me. Have my actions backed up what I am saying? Do these kids have reason to believe me?


Actions are far more important than words.


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