He Prayed for His Dad

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 24       Date Apr. 2, 03 


“Mike could I share something with the group?” asked this teenage boy as Nitro was about to be finished.


Nitro is a high school Bible study that meets at Mike’s barn on Monday nights, but it is much more than a Bible study. Kids from all over the area come, and I believe they get to experience the love of Christ. After helping with Nitro off and on for the past four years, one of the things I like most is watching the kids visit with one another and the adults that hang around before and after.


No night is exactly the same, but Nitro does have it’s own traditions. The song “All in All” is usually the last one sung, and everyone puts his or her arm around each other’s shoulders. It is pretty neat to see a visitor or a loner without anyone to put his arm around only to see someone go to him and put their arm around him so he won’t be alone. What is even more amazing is to see this used to be visitor reach out to someone else months later. When love is shared it can’t help but be passed on.


Mike usually offers the kids a chance to receive prayer. We form a big “donut” and anyone wishing to receive prayer may step to the middle. We then come together and lay a hand on someone and pray for the kids in the middle. No one has to share anything, they just get the benefit of prayer, which is a mighty healer, and even kids in the Texas Panhandle have a bunch of junk to deal with.


“My Dad hasn’t been to church in five years,” the boy told the group. “I’ve been praying for him to come to church and I’ve been in the middle to pray for it a few times,” he continued. “Last week my Dad went to church, it was the first time he had been in five years. Would you pray for my Dad?”


We prayed for his Dad, and I couldn’t help but think there were some other Dads being prayed for. I wonder if God gets a lump in His throat like I do when a child prays for their Dad.


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