Wednesday Morning

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 23       Date Mar. 26, 03


There she goes shuffling by my office. Her hair is rumpled and eyes are half closed. After I hear her walk into the bathroom the shower comes on. The time is a few minutes after six in the a.m., and Teague presses on. Ever since the tragedy of 9/11, Teague and a group have been meeting at the local Church and praying the rosary. She is tired, but still she goes on. God has blessed Teague greatly in this weekly prayer ritual. He has given her a new friend. Anita is an elderly Mexican woman that lives here in Gruver. She would come sometimes in the mornings and pray, but couldn’t always get a ride (she does not have a car or drive.) Teague offered to give her a ride on Wednesdays and the friendship has blossomed.


This isn’t a friendship were much language is involved. Teague and Anita each speak a little of each other’s native tongue, but carrying on a conversation is hard. Their friendship seems to be one of love. The whole family has benefited from this love. Do you know how good homemade Mexican tortillas can taste? Food can earn friends fast in this house. Last week, Anita’s light was off as Teague drove up a little before 7:00. Anita hadn’t been feeling well, and the next thing I know, I am walking to her door that evening with some soup Teague has made for her.


I have noticed Anita more since Teague and her have become friends. I see her walking in town and working at the Church. She helped with our youth retreat, and could crack eggs twice as fast as this farm boy.


The day Bernie died Anita came by Bernie’s house. The family was excited to see her. I wondered, “How did this bunch know Anita?” It was then I found out that Anita was also a hospice volunteer, and had been coming by Bernie’s for the past few weeks. Steve told me of how when Bernie was having a bad day. Anita would come and sit by her side and stroke her arm and whisper and pray, and soon Bernie would calm down and start to rest peacefully. Bernie’s mother became close to Anita. Can you imagine a Yankee from Cleveland and a Mexican from Mexico becoming drawn to each other in the little town of Gruver, Texas?


What a friend we have in Jesus, and what a friend Teague has in Anita because of Jesus.

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  1. dwinger says:

    Reblogged this on Mary Mail and commented:

    The Wednesday morning prayer time has turned into a Wednesday morning mass with rosary following. After mass, Fr. Gregrory told me that he had read this piece about our friend Anita. He told me that I should start writing again. I’m thinking about trying to write during lent, which is coming up next week.

    Maybe this is worth a reblog?

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