Children of God

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 22       Date Mar. 19, 03


They pushed and crowded their way onto the commuter train we were riding. Four boys in their early teens, they were loud and offensive and quite rude. We were a quiet but happy crowd on the train. Most of us were just coming back from the Big 12 Tournament basketball games, and had been enjoying some good basketball. Who did these kids think they were to intrude on us? They had pushed both Reid and I to get in and had immediately pushed my hot button. I didn’t know what to do, so I just watched them. They were talking loud and one was trying to intimidate Reid. My first instinct was to get on to them and maybe bust their chops. Then I thought that I should pray for these kids, but it was hard. After a few stops, they crowded there way to the back to sit with some girls. We could relax a little.


What a contrast it was to the children I had seen that morning. Papoo and I had gone to morning Mass at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Dallas. There is a school there also and on this Friday morning the whole school was attending Mass. What a sight it was to see all the kids! Each older child had a younger one in his care and sat by them during the service. The older ones helped the younger ones find the pages in the songbook and helped the smaller folks to behave themselves. There were also some teachers who had a watchful eye on the whole group as only teachers can. The children conducted the service; they were lectors, cantors, musicians, servers, and ushers. I couldn’t help but think of the good training the children were getting. The singing was heavenly and surely God was in this place for He was being worshiped. When we passed the sign of peace, I shook some boys hands, and they all looked at me and gave me a good shake and called me sir. It was a good service and I walked away feeling a little closer to God.


Both groups are children of God and He loves them both greatly. If I am a follower of Jesus shouldn’t I love them also? One group is definitely easier for me to love, but Jesus said to love them all. 


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