On the Road Again

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  2      Issue No 9         Date Feb. 25, 03


Exciting things are happening in Gruver! The girl’s basketball team is in the state championship game in Austin, and it seems like half the town is packing up to go. Excitement is in the air, and it is the topic of conversation everywhere in town. We just got back from Fort Worth last weekend after watching them win a couple of games and Wednesday we head out again for Austin. The travel is long and hard, but it is also a little adventuresome and a good time with the whole family. You always seem to get to know someone better when you take a trip with them. We listen to music visit and play games. The games that the whole family plays together are especially fun. On the way to Fort Worth we played a game where one person said a line out of a movie and everyone tried to guess what movie it was from. It is amazing some of the things we remember. Teague and I also like to play guess the song and artist that is playing on the classic rock radio station. I haven’t heard some of those songs in years and I can still remember the words and who is singing them. Our minds are amazing aren’t they?


Even though the whole town seems to have come to a stop here in Gruver, life still keeps on going on. Our friend Bernie is in her last days. She doesn’t have much time left here on this earth. Her family loves and comforts her the best that they know how. She is under hospice care and not in any pain, but it is painful to watch someone slowly wither away before your eyes. Teague goes by and visits her everyday. She usually prays with her and some of the family. It is hard for Teague to do, but she goes anyway. That is what you do when you love people. Her love is truly unconditional, and I am blessed to see Teague allow God to use her in this way.


We will be praying for Bernie and her family while we are gone. That is the most that we can do. Maybe you could say a prayer for her too? She is very special and she is loved for she too is one of God’s children. 


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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