We’ve got our Sunday clothes on

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.16     Date Jun. 15, 07

This summer I often find myself going for a leisurely walk in the quiet and cool morning air. I will see neighbors getting around starting their day, and there are a few walking to get a little exercise.

My walks are not necessarily for health of body, but rather health of mind. I usually pray and think and think and pray and sometimes I even sing a song.

This morning, as most, the birds are singing and the grass, flowers, and trees are shouting out the glory of God with their beauty. God has indeed blessed this community greatly. As I passed one neighbor, she said, “hi”, and I stopped to talk a minute. We both agreed how beautiful everything was, and quickly the comment was made about how pretty and good the wheat fields look. It seems you can’t go anywhere in this area where the conversation doesn’t eventually turn to the coming wheat crop. There seems to be an anxious feeling the air. A dab of wheat has been cut, but the weather hasn’t been conducive to drying the wheat for harvest. It won’t be long and the work will begin in full force, and the harvest we have been anticipating will be done. How good will it be? Who knows? Not me. I have been fooled to many times to predict.

I am going to try and be patient and at peace, however it turns out. I am trying to trust in God.

In the meantime, I am going to try and not miss a thing, and enjoy the beauty before me that is present in nature and the people of the area.

Cause like my neighbor said, “We’ve got our Sunday clothes on.”


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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