Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  1          Issue No 12         Date : Nov. 13, 02

Basketball season has begun in the metropolis of Gruver. Those who haven’t ever lived in a small community probably can’t understand the significance of such a statement. In Gruver, when the harvest is about over and the wheat planting is done and cattle are getting turned out on wheat, the days get shorter and farm and ranch life come to a slower pace. The town comes to the gym. The gym is considered old, but it is comfortable (like the old warm-ups I like to lounge around the house in.) There is no age, race, religious or sex discrimination in the gym, practically everyone is there, or will come there sometime during the season. I can remember going to games when I was a child and eating fudgesicles for 10 cents. I have memories of playing basketball, and now I have the privilege of watching my children play. Where else could one go and visit a farmer that I haven’t seen in a while, and also catch up with my old high school English teacher? When community comes together, it is fun.


Struggling with a Passion


I love the game of basketball. I can even be passionate about it. When, my brother Darin and I were growing up, I can remember cleaning the snow off the patio so we could play a game of one on one.


The boys are both playing basketball in high school, and it is great fun to watch them. It can also be a great struggle. I want them to play well, and not only that I find myself thinking that their passion for the game should be as strong as mine. I find myself being critical of them, the other players, and coaches. I can see many flaws in the way the boys play, and I find myself eager to correct them, but… I am going to try and keep my mouth shut. I am going to try and encourage my children. There are all sorts of people all over town that can coach them, and we even pay a few of them to do it. I am going to try to be a dad and not a coach. I am going to try and encourage and not criticize.


If you could pray for me in this area, it would be appreciated.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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