Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  1       Issue No 11            Date : Nov. 4, 02

Have you ever noticed the beauty of a rainbow? Ever had the feeling that a rainbow was just for you? A few years ago I was plowing a field. I turned my tractor back toward the west and there it was: the most beautiful and perfect rainbow in an almost cloudless sky. It seemed meant just for me. After all, there wasn’t anyone else around. I remember telling my church in a devotional that night that God had sent me a sign. Of course, rainbows are frequent signs from God and everyone seems comfortable talking about rainbows.


A few years later, I attended a weekend of spiritual renewal called a “Walk to Emmaus”. This retreat has its roots in
Spain and there is a song we sang called De Colores, which means “the colors” in Spanish. De Colores becomes a greeting among the pilgrims on the retreat and there are many pictures of rainbows with all the colors. I had a very exciting time on my ‘Walk’ and truly my spirit was renewed. Not too long after I got home, I was reflecting on what God had done in my life and it occurred to me that the rainbow in the field was meant just for me. He had shown me a sign of the ‘Walk to Emmaus’.


Fast-forward a few more years. I had decided to convert to the Catholic Church. We were in
Amarillo so that I could be presented to the bishop of our diocese with all the other candidates for conversion. After the presentation we were driving to a restaurant to eat. I was still nervous and thinking to myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” I was having second thoughts about whether I had done the right thing. All a sudden one of the kids from the back seat says, “Hey Dad, look at the rainbow.” There it was right outside my window…



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Former farmer, now college instructor
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