The Power of Prayer

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.12       Date Apr. 12, 07

“Would anyone like to share his impressions of what happened tonight?” Mike asked the kids at the Monday Night Nitro fellowship. Without hesitation one girl responded, “The power of prayer.” She took the words right out of my mouth.


At Nitro (which is a mixture of kids from different denominations and towns), there is often a time offered where we can pray for one another. Everyone is given the opportunity to get a chair and sit in the middle of the room. Of the thirty to forty present, there are usually ten or more seeking this prayer. Then in silence or with some background music the kids and adults come and lay a hand on those requesting prayer and pray either in silence or aloud. I cannot even begin to describe the power of the moment. I have had the privilege of being on both ends of this prayer, and the power is evident not only in the receiving of the prayer, but also in the giving. The power and the presence of God is an awesome sight to witness as teenagers and adults minister to one another and their peers through the power of prayer.


All in an old convenience store in small town Texas.

About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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