I’m Sorry

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  1      Issue No 7        Date : Sep. 6, 02

As Teague was getting ready for work I ask if there was anything I could do for her. Then it came…”No! I wouldn’t want to put you out any.”


She was into her 8th week on crutches. Because of a fall down some bleachers, Teague had broken her knee and our lifestyle had been interrupted for a time. God uses such things to teach me how to be a servant and help others. He also uses it to teach Teague to let others do things for her and be served (both can be very humbling.) Well, she was just about at the end of her rope. I couldn’t for the life figure out what I had or hadn’t done so… I just left well enough alone and Teague left alone, as well.


Later on that morning I walked in Teague’s office to say ‘hi’ and see if she needed anything. The first thing she said was, “I’m sorry.” There was meaning in her voice and a blush in her face. I was not expecting this in the least. I got a big lump in my throat, my eyes started to well up, and in my dumb, awkward way said, “It’s ok.” We were both then quiet for a moment or two (you know those small pieces of time that seem like eternity). We both then went about our business.


Teague had asked for forgiveness and had been forgiven. We had both been blessed. We had both been touched. I know how hard and humbling it is to ask for forgiveness, but until this moment I hadn’t realized how humbling it was to be asked for forgiveness. Do you reckon God gets a lump in his throat when someone comes to Him for forgiveness? I wonder… can God be blessed…by me?


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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