Retrouvaille Albuquerque

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No.10          Date Mar. 19, 07

The drive is rather scenic, if you like cactus covered pasture and a mountain range for your horizon. It takes about five hours for Teague and me to make the drive to Albuquerque. We are going to be one of three presenting couples on a Retrouvaille Marriage weekend. The couples attending were there to work on and help their marriages. Some were clearly hurting; we all have our stories and past baggage of pain and hurt. Why do I hurt the one I love most?


As the weekend begins, there is a timidity and aloofness in the air. Some are here because they want to be, others have felt forced to come. (The Holy Spirit works in a myriad of ways.) It is clear to me that God is working.


Over the weekend, the three couples and a priest give presentations and share their lives with the group. There is plenty of laughing, crying, reflection, and time to look inside our own selves. By Sunday morning the timidity seems to be leaving, and there is light feeling in the air. The hot air balloons floating overhead in the early morning air seem to capture the mood of the weekend. The Holy Spirit has been at work. Change and transformation have taken a baby step or two in some people. Couples are talking and even touching each other. Something has happened. I think it is called love.


Love has been shared by everyone. This love is called agape. It is the “no matter what” kind of love that Jesus loves with.


Oh, we still have our hurts, sorrows, and baggage from the past, but the love of Christ can overcome all of that. Rediscovery and renewal are beginning with the help of God.

Teague and I got the privilege to watch a little of it happen before our eyes in the mountainous desert of Albuquerque.  

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