The Blog Begins

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No. 6        Issue No 7        Date Feb. 24, 07

The Blog Begins

In the summer of 2002, my father in – law (Papoo) encouraged me to start what he called a newsletter. So…I started this little e-letter, I like to call Mary Mail. Quite a bit of water has passed under the bridge since that summer, and a few weeks ago I received an email and then a call from Papoo’s oldest son, my brother in- law, Ryan. He suggested that I put Mary Mail on a blog. A blog is basically a website where people write their thoughts and musings, and anyone on the Internet can go and read and comment. So… after Ryan’s prompting, I will be making the attempt at a blog called Mary Mail. You may access the blog at . I will be slowly putting on past Mary Mail’s. Leigh Anne is a co-administrator of the blog and hopefully she will make it all spiffy. Like all of her generation, she is Internet savvy.

Lent Begins

Ash Wednesday was this past week and the beginning of lent. To some that means that the biggest party in
New Orleans happened this past week on Fat Tuesday, but to me I begin to think of my mortality. When I go forward and the priest places ashes on my forehead in the form of a cross, finality seems nearer. It is good for me to spend 40 days preparing for the coming of Jesus at Easter. It is good for me to have a small reenactment of the forty days Jesus spent in the desert after His baptism and before His ministry began. When I fast (in any form), it should help my spiritual being, by depriving my physical being, and therefore bring me closer to Jesus. I’ve got a long way to go.

Jesus suffered and died for me. Can I come closer to Jesus by sharing in His suffering?

I got a little angry at Papoo this week. I was having a bad day and feeling a little sorry for myself. I really wanted to call Papoo, but I couldn’t. I found myself a little put out with him for dieing. Sound’s a little selfish as I write.


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