How now can we hear?

Publisher: dwinger   Volume No.  1  Issue No 3 Date : Jul. 27, 02

How now can we hear? 

I have a new horse (well kind of.) I call him ole red, and he is my new ATV four wheeler (new to us anyway another farmer broke it in good.) The past few days I have been using ole red to check and doctor the cattle. I don’t know if I would be a very good shepherd. Ole red has seemed to teach me a little patience. The best way to look at the cattle is to go out in the field and sit and let them walk by on the way to water. In today’s do it quick and in a hurry society sitting waiting for cattle to walk by tests this farmer.

Do you reckon that is why Jesus is referred to as the good shepherd? He just sits with us and waits for us to come to him. He tries to keep us from harming ourselves, but just like me with the cattle if they are going to go and hide from me, sometimes there is nothing I can do.

Shepherds sure seem to have a lot of time to think. I know when I am on the tractor or riding through cattle my thinking cap usually seems to go on. So the question is how can we hear God? Does He still speak to me today?

Bike Riding

A couple of years ago I was riding my bike through the streets of Gruver. It had been on my mind that we should leave the church of my youth. I was really feeling that God was leading me in this direction. As I was bike riding, my thinking cap was on. I was pondering God and how He would tell me if He did want such a thing. I was thinking it sure would be nice if this loud voice would come out of the sky and say, “Davin do this…” I then wondered to myself if that was how God communicated with Noah, Moses, or Abraham. All of a sudden I thought to myself, “How much faith would that take?” I then even laughed to myself that not much faith at all would be needed. These were men of great faith who took bold steps of faith in the name of Yahweh. Did they have a voice from heaven booming out of the sky telling them what to do?

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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