All We need is Love

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  1                  Issue No. 2                    Date : July 26, 2002

“All we need is love, all we need is love, love is all we need.” The chorus from that Beatles tune says it all. All we do need is love. The question is where do I find it. (Love that is.) Does love come from our parents, children, or friends? Does it come from having lots of money? Maybe if I know a bunch about everything I will know about love. What is love? 


What a beautiful picture of Jesus’ love! All life on this earth depends on water. Without it we would all die. In our spiritual life Jesus also gives us water so that we too may have life. He passes His Grace onto us as we are baptized into a newness of life. We are not alone. God has given us family and friends to stand up for us and help us walk in this new life. He has also given us the Holy Spirit our Helper for we are not alone.


I can remember when I was baptized. I was about 10 years old. I had gone to church camp that summer and had had a great time. I had great fun shooting bows and arrows and doing the camping thing. The reunion with my family is something I will never forget because I was dreadfully homesick. After I had returned home we went to church one Wednesday night for Bible study and singing. The invitation was offered (as was in my church at every meeting) for anyone wanting to come forward and be baptized and have his sins washed away. I remember going forward and feeling the conviction of my sinfulness and sorry for my sins. Weldon Green an elder in the church baptized me. Today, when I enter the church as I dip my hand in the Holy water, I remember my baptism. I can still remember Weldon being nervous. I can remember him putting a washcloth over my mouth as I was lowered in the water, and I can remember coming out. I was baptized.After my baptism we all went to class and the first thing my teacher asked was, “Why are we baptized?” I remember feeling awfully dumb at that very moment. Here I was with my hair all wet from my baptism, and I hadn’t a clue as to the answer. Boy was I embarrassed. Kind of like when I felt that it was time for me to convert to the Catholic faith. I could not exactly answer why, but I knew that it was the right thing to do. Do I have to know everything before I can take a step with God? Hmm… I guess there wouldn’t be much faith involved if I did.

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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